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Providing the WOW factor in Eye Care Centre Design

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Flex Eyewear Display System, Modular Designs

Modular Design Systems transforms a West Toronto eye care centre.

Optometric Office Designer Brian Wolcovitch recently re-designed the interior of The Junction Optometrists, a dramatic change for the West Toronto eye care centre. The redesign encompasses whole new elements, including a next-generation Flex Eyewear Display Gallery, the latest Fitting Tables, a brand new Reception Desk, an updated Adjustment Area and a stunning new Sunglass Showcase section.

New eyewear display design: LED lighting makes all the difference

New LED lighting technology has made it possible to reduce the canopy height from six inches to four inches, creating a lighter, more appealing look.

The new Flex Eyewear Display uses LED lighting, a whole new take on eyewear display. The previous display units in this eye care centre, which Brian had also designed and installed over 20 years ago, were the most successful display units of their time.

Even though they were modern at the time, with six-inch-deep light canopies and older cabinet design, they were showing their age.

With the advent of LED lighting, Brian has been able to update his current best-selling display unit from the top down, changing the look dramatically. As he explains, “I now have available to me the best lighting I have ever had for my display system. Replacing the old technology of halogen lighting in the displays with new LED thin-profile light fixtures has allowed me to bring the canopy from six inches down to four inches in height, and amazingly, to give them a completely new look”.

Updating the eyewear display base unit

The drawers beneath the glass frame are as stunning as they are functional.

The next major change in the display is the base unit, which still has a beautiful half-inch thick tempered glass counter; but instead of it being above the frame trays, the glass now sits above a drawer containing 24 eyeglass frames, with a second drawer containing an equal number, increasing the overall capacity of the display to up to 125 optical frames.

Below the frame drawers are two good size drawers that contain eyeglass cases for the variety of name brand frames on each display. Lastly, all of Brian’s new display units employ soft-close drawer slides.

Redesigning the eye-care centre’s reception desk: more room in the same space

The dramatic desk front design was created using a curved shape, with a dark grey sandstone canopy above the hammered stainless steel metal laminate and stained maple wood veneer. It has been evenly lit from one end to the other with a strip of LED light.

The reception desk is the first point of contact and it now has the necessary WOW factor. The materials make the desk! Starting with the curved aspect of the desk shape, the new look also includes attractive materials, such as the rich dark grey Sandstone laminate on the canopy, the exceptional

hammered stainless steel metal accent laminate, and the stained maple wood veneer front wall. The desk is finished with beautiful LED strip lighting from one end to the other.

The old reception desk was only a two-person desk at best, but was being used by three people. In the new design and within the same space, Brian created a fully functional, beautiful three-person desk, where each person has their own comfortable work zone.

The staff was surprised he could do that in the same space. Since the reception desk is the first point of doing business, it is one of the most important elements of any optometric office design.

A great client relationship made even stronger through optometric office design

Brian has known The Junction Optometrists for over 25 years, and designed the first office for its owner, Dr. Brian Feldman. Since then, Dr. Feldman has moved from the original location to a second location, then into his own building, while adapting the original 25-year-old furniture from office to office.

The time for a change is now!

Dr. Feldman took on an associate, Dr. Angela De Berardis, who has since bought into the practice, becoming his partner, and later became the moving force behind inviting Brian Wolcovitch back to redesign the Frame Gallery.

In the opinion of Drs. Feldman and De Berardis, “The new displays are absolutely gorgeous. The whole look of the office is just beautiful.”

The Flex Eyewear System gives the owners and the staff of The Junction Optometrists the tools necessary to potentially double and even quadruple sales over the next 10 to 15 years of practice.