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Why Use A Flex Eyewear Display System?

The Flex Eyewear Display system provides MAXIMUM IMPACT for the marketing of optical frames and products. Modular Design Systems Inc. is on the leading edge of merchandising and design for the optical industry.

It is important to have a Frame Gallery that has attractive cabinetry and colors, however the Flex Eyewear Display system will provide a frame gallery the kind of dynamic look which will stimulate amazing results.

Modular Design Systems can design an exciting frame Gallery with the potential for you to surpass your best competitor. This is the kind of environment we design and the results we get are nothing short of dramatic;

Our clients attest to it. Even clients with well established businesses have seen a powerful increase in their business, that is directly attributed to the Flex Eyewear Display system.

The Flex Eyewear System is a dynamic component in the design of an Optometric office, Retail Optical store and Frame Gallery.

The problem faced by the Optometrist and the Optician is not that different.

The Optometrist has the patient already in the office and if they leave, then something was missed to cause that to happen.

For the Dispensing Optician the first problem they face is to get their client into their office and then once they are in the office, to keep them there for all their services.

Our business is to assist you to maximize the earning power of your office. Through a functional space plan and a state of the art Frame Gallery, by providing you and your competent staff with the tools you need to create the dynamic environment in which to maximize your market potential.

We assist you from the time you choose your location and can even offer insight even before you choose a location and help in the many planning stages, from a new office design to the renovation and remodeling of your existing space.

Our Formula for Dispensing Success is very simple: Don’t give your patent/client a single reason to go elsewhere. Surround yourself with competent, pleasant and knowledgeable staff, state of the art instruments, and an attractive, inviting, comfortable interior, that includes an amazing Frame Gallery.

Then position the Frame Gallery, beautifully lit and filled with beautiful name brand frame lines that will knock the socks off your patient/clients. Immediately plant a seed in the mind of your patient/client that they don’t have to go anywhere else.

Accomplish this and the majority your patients/clients will stay with you for all of your services. Brian Wolcovitch, Modular Display Systems says: “ Do it properly! “

Carry better products that will result in higher sales more often. Find the right mix of generic, ophthalmic frames, designer brands and high end sunglasses, featured on the Flex Eyewear System and you will open the door to a better sale and multiple sales more often.

The results are extraordinary and long lasting. Now you need to look at this as safe investment, with the potential for huge returns (ROI) on your investment over the life of your business. Invest well and reap the benefits.

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