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About Our Designer

We are a design firm that specializes in the design of Optometric Offices and Retail Optical Stores.

We are well known as Furniture Designers, Custom Fabricators of Furniture and Displays exclusively for the Optical Industry.

We give professionals like yourselves the tools necessary to grow your business to new levels. The affect we can have on businesses like yours, can be nothing short of amazing!

Modular Design Systems Inc. is privately owned by Brian Wolcovitch. Brian brings 43 years of experience to the Optical industry. He has been involved in the Optical field since 1975 as a frame and Rx lab representative, and frame buyer for twenty five of those years.

During all those years, as a service to his clients, Brian helped them to plan the layout and flow of their offices . In 1976, Brian introduced the Vertical Acrylic frame display rod to the industry. Which is still in wide use throughout North America today.

That acrylic frame display rod had a powerful affect on the industry and opened the minds of optical professional’s to a whole new way of presenting their frame products and services to their clients.

In 1988 Brian and his then partner Frank Fumagalli met while building an office from one of Brian’s designs and became fast friends. 

Together, Frank and Brian designed and developed the Flex Eyewear Frame Display System and feel that it is one of the most important tools any office can employ to reach new heights in sales and profits.

Brian brings a lot of experience to bear on any project he takes on. He considers himself to be one of the best space planners in the industry and has amassed a strong reputation for doing what he says he is going to do for his clients,  on time, on budget and with a high degree of quality. Please contact him for further information at 1 800 663-8527.

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